Let us transform your driveway and patio to make it look brand new once again. Our driveway and patio cleaning services will leave your residential or commercial property looking spotless. With the use of our state-of-the-art equipment, we can provide a high-quality cleaning service without the high costs. We do not involve the use of any chemicals which means our service stays environmentally friendly and causes no damage to the driveway or patio.

 Here at Soft Wash London, we are proud to be a local independent customer focused business. Providing an excellent cleaning service with high attention to detail. As a business we deliver our service with three core values in mind no matter how big or small the job. Visit our ‘About Us’ page to learn more.

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Over the years we have perfected our soft wash patio cleaning service which allows us to set the high standards that we hold ourselves to on every job. It is inevitable that over time your patio and driveway surfaces can start to look tired from the build-up of dirt, algae and moss. This is when we can help.

The detergent based solution we use removes all dirt, moss, algae and lichens. Not that only that, our unique soft wash process prevents them from growing back! The process is effective on all types of surfaces, including: concrete spaces including all types of decking, driveways, brick and tarmac pathways and even fences.

What should you expect?

Our objective is to give great results when we clean your patios, walls and pathways. We only use the latest equipment in high-pressure water jets. This equipment combined with our clear and precise process allows us to consistently produce the best results. Below we take you step by step through our process.

  • We begin by tidying, cleaning, and securing the area. We make sure to protect any of your plants and prioritise the health and safety of our customers and team.
  • Remove any pronounced weeds and blow, brushing down the area of loose objects.
  • Apply Pre treatment and let this rest.
  • At low pressure, cut in any edges and areas that the surface cleaner will not reach.
  • Use surface cleaner going across the grain with passes as required.
  • Rinse down area, assess any areas that need further stain removal and apply as required. Oil / Fuel / Grease / Leaf / Rust.
  • Apply Post Treatment and rinse to achieve the desired result.
  • Upon satisfactory Customer inspection we then take post photographs.

London Soft Wash will contact you 2 days after completion to see what the first impressions are and request an appropriate testimonial for the Website. Our work has a 12 month free call back guarantee.

Other Popular Services

Alongside our driveway and patio cleaning service, we also specialise in a range of additional extras and other exterior cleaning services.

  • Pressure Washing Services. Professional jet washing services for multiple surfaces.
  • Gutter Cleaning Services. Remove blockages and improve drainage.
  • Dry kilned sand infill or surface sealant activity. (Weather permitted)
  • Rubbish Bin Disinfection and location sanitising
  • Annual Maintenance call. A quick surface clean is all you need to get the driveway / patio ready for the season ahead.
  • Inorganic/environmental stain removal
  • Garden Furniture and sculpture cleaning
  • Swimming pool cleaning and maintenance

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    London Soft Wash will contact you 2 days after completion to see what the first impressions are and request an appropriate testimonial for the Website. Our work has a 12-month free call back guarantee.