Why London Soft Wash?

It’s not hard to deliver a consistently reliable and quality service!

Do you remember when companies listened to their customers and kept their promises both to turn up when they said they would and then to work to your agreed expectation? That’s how we would personally want to be treated and this is reflected in our service.

Call it old fashioned but this works, in order for customers to build trust and rely on a specialised service to consistently come back to.

Our Values

The London Soft Wash Values! To ensure we continue to deliver the high quality, specialised service that our customers have come to expect from us, we abide by three simple values whatever job we attend – big or small!

Communication & Integrity

Being open & honest with our customers, keeping appointments, providing prompt updates on the progress of jobs.

Safety & Sustainability

Consistently operating in a safe & courteous manner, safeguarding the health of customers, our team and the environment.

Innovation & Pride

We are committed to keeping customers happy by identifying the most appropriate techniques providing the best value for money!

Check out some of our recent work!

A front driveway and crazy paved area that had high moss and lichen growth. We used a post treatment and a low pressure surface clean to protect the joint mortar. The transformation after rinsing down was so rewarding.

A block paved driveway that had never been cleaned was in need of refreshment . This location has a lot of surrounding trees so Moss , Lichen and leaf staining covered the surface. We treated with a light biocide around the plants and beds and concentrated on bringing the colours back around the borders.

A blocked paved front area which had gathered both organic and inorganic staining over the years. We used a stronger biocide together with a degreaser to treat the area before surface cleaning and post treating to prevent any regrowth for at least 2 years.

The ground surfaces at this location had extensive organic growth that made walking treacherous. Our treatment broke down the lichen active at the front of the property and the moss at the rear. I was really happy with this deep clean, its what we set this business up for,when a customer can see the potential of whats just outside their door.

But What Is Softwash?

Softwashing is a treatment process developed for the removal of organic growth (Moss, Lichen, Mould and Algae) as well as Environmental build up (traffic fumes etc ) that can be found on all types of external surfaces. Although more prevalent on the North and West facing surfaces of buildings, it can settle and survive under many conditions. The ability to deal with the root cause of a problem became a more popular alternative to the standard jet wash approach.

The treatment works on killing then controlling the growth and build up by the application of a biocide liquid that cleans & sanitises the area affected. This treatment removed the need for higher pressure applications that only cleared the surface and blasted the spores to another part of the building to grow again.

At London Soft Wash we understand you want your property to be maintained to a great condition so we assess the surface to be cleaned then use a combination of biocide, to pre treat the area of Moss, Lichen, Mould and Algae, then a low pressure cleaner is used to revive the exterior surface, this maybe a drive, patio, path or decking area. We then apply a Post treatment which sanitises the area and resists any regrowth for 4 X longer than plain Pressure or Jet Washing. To find out more about our services, click here!

In summary, the 3 biggest reasons to choose Soft Washing :

1. A direct alternative to jet / pressure washing, so preventing damage.

2. The treatment actually kills and removes the infestation.

3. Softwash is a more sustainable cleaning process that keeps the area cleaner for longer, GUARANTEED

Meet The Team

Paul Allen
Paul AllenCEO & Founder

My passion to date, has always been to actively volunteer around local schools and job centres, coaching to build confidence in those that need a bit of direction and this business will reflect that in its operation.

So with the ethos of this business being development both personally and for those out there that need support , our aim is to build a reliable and trusted brand with a customer base to match over the next 3 years and expand the workforce, providing work experience for both school leavers and those that need a new opportunity at building a career.

Still have a question?

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